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Common Repairs

We specialize in all types of garage door repairs. While others try to persuade you into buying a new door, chances are, we have the parts necessary to repair your door on our well equipped trucks.

Broken Springs – For years now, broken springs have been and are the most common type of garage door problem. Whether it is a single car garage with extension springs, or a two car garage with torsion springs Abel Garage Door is the place to call! We are proud to offer a warranty with all the work we do, as well as a low reasonable price.

Worn PulleysThe stationary pulleys get the most wear, because the cable exerts sideways force on them. If one has become excessively worn, we always replace both. The moveable pulleys attached to the springs, usually last twice as long!!

Worn or Broken Rollers – This is not an unusual problem, and takes little time for us to do.

Broken Cables – We carry a full assortment of replacement cables on our trucks at all times.

Broken Hinges – We can replace broken hinges on all garage doors, whether the door is made of wood, steel, or aluminum.

Off Track Doors – With our quick service and knowledgeable technicians, we can get your door operating like new. And while we’re at it, we will inspect and service all major components of your garage door. We will provide you a 18 step inspection report for your records.

Broken Door Panels – We can spare you the cost of a brand new door by replacing a panel or two. Saving you money!

Opener Problems – If you push the button and nothing happens … check the power. If it’s not an electrical problem, it could be a broken gear or worn bearing. We are here to help get your garage door opener repairs.

Worn Bearings – We carry a large assortment of replacement bearings with us to all our garage door repair calls.

Bent track – Sometimes it happens, we can repair or replace your garage door tracks.

Loves Park Garage Doors will repair all types of garage doors, solve any mechanic problem in your garage door, fix garage door openers, replace garage door springs or put your garage door back on track!